ST Mary's College

Level 3 Certificate in Swedish massage

This 5 day course will teach you the skills and knowledge to become a qualified massage therapist.

An essential part of this qualification is Anatomy & Physiology knowledge, therefore we spend 2 days focusing on the systems of the body, finishing with 2 Anatomy & Physiology exam papers.  Without this knowledge and

complete exams in Anatomy & Physiology you will be unable to gain the Swedish massage

qualification or any further massage qualifications.  However on successful completion of the Anatomy & Physiology unit, any further massage course you take, will focus purely on that

treatment and will therefore be much easier!

This unit also contains Health & Safety and Client Care & Communication, which will be mainly completed at home by yourselves.  You will be given all the information you need in order to

complete these.

You must be aware that there will be the need for considerable revision at home.  I

endeavour to teach you as much as I can during the course days and will send you test, quizzes and questions to test your knowledge throughout the course but it is imperative for you to revise.

You will also be required to practise your practical routine at home as much as possible to ensure you are ready for assessments.

Assignment – Yes Exams – 3 Kit required – No