ST Mary's College

General English Course

General English will give students the solid foundation they need, developing their fluency and accuracy. General classes include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the four main skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.


At St. Mary’s College, we offer six levels of General English. These include:

· Beginner

· Elementary

· Pre-Intermediate

· Intermediate

· Upper-Intermediate

· Advanced

When you first come to St. Mary’s College, we will give you a free placement test to place you in the correct level


Beginner [12 weeks] Elementary [12 weeks] Pre-Intermediate [12 weeks]

Intermediate [12 weeks] Upper-Intermediate [12 weeks] Advanced [12 weeks]

Courses start throughout the year, and there are several study options:

  • 16 contact hours per week
  • 20 contact hours per week
  • 24 contact hours per week